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Puppy Training Advice

Train Your Puppy Soon and Often

Training Essentials

Unless you're planning to join the circus, you really don't need your dog to jump through flaming hoops, walk on its hind legs or even roll over on command.

But there are some essentials that are really, really important and the sooner you start on this training, the better it is all round.

You'll be happier and so will your new puppy.


Dog Owners Are Healthier

Jogging with Your Dog

The Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

A number of different studies done by medical professionals have come to the conclusion that owning a pet improves the owner's health in many ways.

A dog tops the list because of its love of exercise and the unquestioning devotion that it gives you.

A companion that loves walking and running can inspire you to do the same. Almost all dog owners get more exercise than they would otherwise. This comes from running with the dog, walking on the beach and throwing a stick (over and over).

August 5, 2019

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If you have any comments about the site or any questions about dogs or other pets, just let me know and I'll answer as completely and honestly as I can.

If I need advice, I can always ask my best friend and companion, my black labrador Hamish.

August 5, 2019

About Me

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Welcome to Best Dog Suppliers.

Hi I’m Pete your blogger, a young 48 year old guy who loves the simple things in life like family, friends, the outdoors, camping, sport and nature. I’ve always loved animals since I can remember, but I really have a passion for dogs. Is there a more loyal animal towards humans than our dogs?

That’s why I want the best information, training and products for my best mate Hamish the black Labrador and I want to share this with you.

I will be sharing interesting facts about dogs, how to train them to make their lives and yours more enjoyable, and where to get the best accessories and products for your dogs to help keep them happy, safe and comfortable, as for many of us they are family and deserve it.

Enjoy your dog's happiness.


Peter Duke