Afghan Hound

A List of Large Dog Breeds

I have to admit that, although I’ve come across many cute and lovable smaller dog breeds, my heart remains firmly in the large dog breed camp. I do understand that for many people their living arrangements don’t allow them to have a large dog, with its accompanying need for exercise.

I’ll look at small dog breeds in the next post but right now here are my 5 favorite large dog breeds.

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Contact Me

I love hearing from my visitors and always reply as quickly as I can. Please use the comment form below to get in touch with me.
If you have any comments about the site or any questions about dogs or other pets, just let me know and I’ll answer as completely and honestly as I can.

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Peter and Hamish 400

About Me

Welcome to Best Dog Suppliers. This is a new journey for me and my dog Hamish the black Labrador, who is the best mate I’ve ever had and ever will. I love to spend time outside with Hamish, which fits in well with a love of camping.

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